This is not happening

The resistance to fascism, corporate control and hate begins today

I tried my best to avoid it completely. I had even resigned myself to a strategic vote for the least vomit-inducing of the candidates to at least continue the socially-inclusive brand of corporate sovereignty and lawless plutocracy that I had become so familiar and disillusioned with over the past 16 years.

Yes, Obamacare was shitty in certain respects (mainly that it was far too deferential to hospitals as well as pharmaceutical and insurance companies), but you know what? I can’t fucking control the fact that I have asthma, and without Obamacare it would be a lot more expensive for me to get affordable coverage. The fact is that the United States will forever be at a competitive disadvantage until we offer universal healthcare to all citizens just like any other respectable country does, but at least this was a start. I needed that shit to help afford medicine but some angry assholes are going to work to take that away, without having any idea of what to do in its place to make sure that people don’t die from lack of medical care while the health industry profits over their dead bodies.

I’m ashamed that political discourse has sank to the level of venomous invectives foaming from the mouth of your racist paranoid grandpa, and that I now have to wonder whether the president will continue to sexually assault women in carrying out his duties.

The worst part is the uncertainty. That no one knows what the fuck just happened, what the fuck to expect, nor what this vainglorious, delusional serial sexual assaulter will actually do in comparison with his continually contradictory public statements.

Sure, it seems very possible that he could simply delegate the vast majority of his duties to the usual corporate and plutocratic cronies and continue the usual brand of Republican cronyism (masquerading as Free MarketTM or Randian narcissism and selfishness). That’s shitty, but at least it’s an evil we know.

However, with a Republican-controlled House and Senate, who knows what kind of crazy shit corporations come up with will get rubber-stamped? Will he actually block the TPP (I admit, which is a good idea), or will he just not give a shit that week or someone sufficently bribes him and he signs it? Will he actually try to “close down” the internet (or ban strong encryption), or will he shmooze with Silicon Valley people and keep using his iPhone? Will he try to ban abortion, or just change the subject to slandering some woman he wants to dehumanize?

No one fucking knows the answers to these questions, and that’s the problem.

As many of you know, this exact scenario was foretold by Idiocracy, and the worst has come to pass. From now on, I shall not speak its true name, but instead call it Camacho, as was predicted by this prophecy.

Camacho, as told by the Prophecy.

Despite Bush II and Obama’s assault on press freedoms, I felt safe to use my First Amendment rights to the fullest in expressing my opinions. I feel less safe about being able to express myself freely because of the insane amount of power that such a petty man now wields.

We have a man with all the power in the world, who says dumb fascist shit all the time, who now has all the power in the world to make these rage fever dreams reality.

Am I afraid? Fuck yes. I knew that the state of affairs in the US would get worse before it gets better, but I guess I didn’t contemplate what the worst could entail.

But I am also angry, articulate, and well-versed in encryption and operational security and know how to fend for myself. I know that I am far from alone in this fight and that based on demographics alone that we will prevail. The only question is when.

I will spread the gospel of modernity and equality and call out corruption and corporate fascism as I see it. I want to name names, and believe in the rule of law applying to the most powerful just as forceful as it is applied on the weak.

After growing up with 9/11 and the recession and seeing how much lawlessness can be tolerated and how powerful people continually escape consequences for breaking the law, Our president-elect is a continuation and aggravation rather than an abberation of this pattern of corruption, and I refuse to let my country get any worse than this.

I tried, but I didn’t fight hard enough this time. Bernie (and later Jill, much less enthusiastically) really inspired me to care again (before I looked into their pandering to Anti-Vaccine idiots). I didn’t care enough when it mattered. The truth is it matters all the time, and I can’t simply give up the fight because it’s not the popular thing to talk about. I need to read local news and give a shit about local politics.

I didn’t tell the story I read about war crimes being perpetrated against innocent people masquerading as foreign policy, about corporate and political corruption and media manipulation often enough. I will not make that mistake again, and I will not be silent about injustice.

The resistance begins today. We can either be paralyzed with fear or we can remind the elites that we are watching and we are fighting. Contrary to corporate media, modern fascism and corruption are actually very easy to spot. You simply have to have the courage to follow the money instead of letting that same money buy you off.

I will not be bought off, and I will not stop fighting.

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